Multiplying your MRR is hard. We make it easy.

Generate 3x more leads than your competition by using your existing website traffic.

You're sitting on Gold, but don't know how to Mine.

Do you have a ton of anonymous website visitors and struggle to identify those with high likelihood to convert? Not sure which accounts you should be focusing your sales efforts on?

X-ray Vision for your Anonymous Traffic.

Leadfriday gives you the information you used to have to ask visitors for, all in real-time – company name, industry, employee count, revenue, location, and more. It’s like X-ray vision for qualified leads.

Generate 3x leads without spending more on marketing.

We help sales teams identify the accounts and people who visit your website. Get ahead of the game and discover new opportunities earlier than your competition by leveraging your existing website traffic.

Identify your anonymous website visitors.

Find accounts that are repeatedly visiting your website. Use the power of AI and big data to identify the visitors precisely whether they work from home or office.

Qualify leads 24/7 on your website.

Turn your site visitors into qualified leads. Use the power of AI to qualify interested prospects. Use custom qualification criteria to remove Junk leads and improve sales productivity. 

Chat instantly with your highest value traffic.

Minimize lost (or unknown) opportunities by engaging with the right account and key personas while they are on your website.

Uncover your hidden leads.

Turn your anonymous traffic into real company names.

Find ready-to-buy sales leads.

The people who visit your website are much more likely to buy than someone who has never heard of you. Don’t let those ready-to-buy leads escape.

Make your sales team happy

Sales teams get instant access to a quality, prioritised lead list. All you need to do is install Leadfriday on your site.

Beat competitors to the sale.

HBR Studies* show that contacting leads quickly makes it much more likely you will close the deal. Contact your leads before your competitors are even aware of them.

Find, engage & close your target accounts faster

“The inbound marketing funnel is not creating enough pipeline.”

“Our competitors are winning business before we get
the chance to engage”

“I need to align my account-based marketing efforts
with the sales team”

“I need to generate enough pipeline to support our
growth targets with my limited budget.”

MRR Growth program for founders

A program designed for SaaS businesses to 3x their lead generation using existing website traffic and double their MRR.

Frameworks and how-to’s on Lead Generation.

Landing page conversion guidance, Chatbot playbooks for lead generation, Playbooks for booking more meetings, and helping your sales team create chatbot cadences to talk to customers on the site and close more deals faster.

What you really need is a high-performing lead generation strategy!

80% Visitors
80% of your visitors will abandon your website and never come back. Your ideal customers are checking out your product and failing to see the value in it.
2x-5x customers
You're losing out on 2x-5x more customers you could be getting by not focussing on repeated visitors
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