Jikoo is now Leadfriday

Today, we are launching our new brand.We wanted to share more about what’s happening and why.
Santhosh Kumar Elango
2 min to read

Jikoo is now Leadfriday

As you’re reading this blog post, we’re guessing you’d have noticed on your own eventually—what with our new shiny logo, a blazing new set of colors, and a playful new typeface—but we wanted to share more about what’s happening and why.

In true Jikoo spirit and in line with one of our values, we’re building a platform for helping businesses to grow - and journaling the entire journey in public.

We are excited to share important news regarding the evolution of our company and how this change will benefit you. We are delighted to announce that will be changing as of Dec 27th, 2021, to

You WILL NOT be able to use website from Dec 28th, 2021. Please communicate to all your internal teams and stakeholders about this change.

This name change will allow us to present ourselves as truly the most innovative and trusted complete customer acquisition and support solutions company. Our commitment to our customers and partners remains our highest priority.

By rebranding ourselves as, nothing would change for our existing customers. Our existing customers would continue to enjoy the same plans that they are currently using.

Strong brands make you want to be part of their world

Strong brands make us feel a certain way. And this leads us to do certain things. We’re much more likely to buy from them and talk about them with people at work, friends, or family.

Let’s think about a brand like Nike. We talk about Nike a lot at Leadfriday, and it’s not necessarily down to their products. It’s who they are and what they stand for when it comes to our planet.

At Leadfriday, we want to be a brand that can create similar associations and emotions, and whilst Nike is a Business to Consumer (B2C) brand, we see Business to Business (B2B) brands pouring a similar amount of emphasis and investment into their brands too. Think Figma or Miro, or any of the other brands you’re used to seeing when working online.

Note to LTD buyers

Jikoo’s LTD was a really important milestone in shaping Jikoo as a brand today. There will be no changes to the plans that LTD users have purchased Jikoo LTD through Pitchground. All the plan usage metrics like Unlimited Sessions, Seats, Unlimited Chatbots, Unlimited CRM Contacts will remain the same.

  1. Nothing changes with your existing plan, everything would work exactly the same.
  2. You can use your same username and password to login into our software.
  3. All your chats and data will remain under the same account.
  4. You will have to replace our new widget code to start using Leadfriday’s services.
  5. You will be able to remove Leadfriday’s branding from the chat popups.
  6. All the features and future updates in our roadmap will be made available to LTD users as a part of Leadfriday’s Pro Plan (previously Jikoo’s Pro Plan).

Note: Please note that our rebranding and name change will not impact our shipping and billing addresses, tax identification, and additional invoicing information, which all remain the same.

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