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Leadfriday packages offer multiple pricing options based entirely on the solutions your business requires, with best-in-class support you deserve. Pricing is based on chat volume, monthly web traffic, and monthly contact creation.

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Marketing gets 11% of the budget of B2B SaaS companies and this number has not increased in the last 5 years.

Your current activity
Average time
Minimum cost
Research and Identify potential customers.
1 hour / day
Qualify leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities.
SDR/BDR + Marketing
2 hours / day
Schedule appointments and demos for Product Consultant and support teams.
2 hours / day
Nurture leads who have shown interest in your
1.5 hours / day
> 145-170 hours / mo
> $6000-$8000 / mo

MRR Growth program for founders

Frameworks and how-to’s on Lead Generation.
Join the program
Playbooks for automated lead-generation
2 months of learning, peer sharing and mentorship
Curated batches with only 8 startups
Developed and delivered by marketing experts