40+ SaaS e-mail copies so you do not waste time.

30+ companies share the actual e-mails that got them results.

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Exposing the REAL e-mail copies sequences of high-velocity product teams.

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These 40+ simple fill-in-the-blanks templates will have you framing your asks in a way that produces maximum results.

Add these templates to your email game to ace your follow-up, boost reply rates, and speed up deal cycles.

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Got questions?

Which email templates are included?
By downloading the 40+ highly-persuasive email templates you’ll get: welcome emails (includes signups, activation e-mails), thank you and nurture emails, billing email templates and referral emails.
Who are these email templates for?
These templates are for sales/marketing professionals to add to their personal stash of highly effective emails and for product managers and enablement leaders to add to their team’s playbook.
What format are the templates sent in?
You’ll get all of the emails in a single pdf. Save it to your desktop for easy access when you’re drafting your next customer email.

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